I am the entrepreneur who loves to pour my heart and time into self education. I thrive off of learning from others, getting creative, and most importantly, challenging myself. 

I wanted to create a workshop experience that from the beginning to end, treated each attendee like luxury. From the instructors to the vendor team to the content available, I wanted attendees to leave after two days feeling like they could take on the world with their business. 

That is why Evoke is breaking the boundaries with what the standard workshop entails. We want you being taught by those who excel and specialize at what they do best. So come and learn from not one, but FOUR industry leading pros and participate in hands on shoots!

Join us for an unforgettable experience and the best education on the market.  

Owner & Host Megan Lee

Philosophy of Workshops

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Why I Shoot Film

Workshop Assistant
Andrea Cooper

Grab Your Seat

January 2, 2020

Open Registration Begins